Bil Lepp

Bil Lepp is an award-winning storyteller, author, and recording artist. Bil’s humorous, family friendly tall-tales and stories have earned the appreciation of listeners of all ages and from all walks of life. Although he is a five time champion of the West Virginia’s Liars’s Contest, Lepp’s stories often contain morsels of truth which present universal themes in clever and witty ways.

Sheila Arnold

Sheila Arnold has a long history of being a featured Storyteller at Storytelling Festivals nationally and internationally including:

  • National Storytelling Festival (Jonesborough, TN)
  • Timpanogos Storytelling Festival (Lehi, UT)
  • Paris Storytelling Festival

to mention only three of the many events at which she has performed, including schools, churches, libraries, professional organizations and museums, nationally and internationally.

Sheila brings stories, historic individuals, new ideas, new perspectives and old knowledge to her stories as she performs folktales, characters from history and a bowlful of Skittles.

Josh Goforth

Josh Goforth is highly regarded for his skills as a storyteller, whether singing an old mountain ballad or getting laughs from audiences of all ages as a raconteur of family tales, and as an award-winning fiddler who plays old-time and bluegrass. He appears regularly at storytelling festivals, including the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, Tennessee.

When Josh Goforth was growing up in the mountains of western North Carolina, the main stage was the front porch. Family and friends would gather to strum guitars and banjos, or saw on the fiddle. In between songs, they’d tell stories of characters from their past.That intimacy and authenticity stayed with Josh. Even when he’s playing before a large crowd, he tries to recreate that atmosphere for his audience, telling family stories between playing his intruments.

mary hamilton

Mary entertains audiences of adults, families, or children with Kentucky tales, world folk & fairy tales, plus a few myths, legends, true stories, and original fiction. She has told stories at storytelling festivals, performing arts festivals, conferences, universities, theatres, libraries, museums, schools, and private gatherings. Mary’s storytelling is also listed in the Kentucky Performing Arts Directory, a juried directory of Kentucky’s finest performers.

She is one of Kentucky’s jewels.


PIPPA WHITE calls her One’s Company Productions “part theatre, part storytelling, part history.” Audiences call them unique, captivating, and touching. To date she has crisscrossed the country many times as a professional storyteller, touring to over 30 states, performing at universities and colleges, conferences, performing arts centers, museums, libraries, and festivals.

Her performances, which appeal to a wide range of audiences, connect viewers with immigrant stories, pioneer stories, war stories, women’s stories, and stories of great reformers. She has done hundreds of school performances and creating materials. She has done hundreds of school performances, creating material that can be incorporated into the curriculum, as well as residencies and workshops.